What is the idea behind a wiki?

To learn more about the idea behind wikis, scroll down and watch the video explaining the properties of wiki as a medium. Explanation in a nutshell: wikis are simple webpages that groups can edit together, making it easier for a group to create its own -customized to their specific needs- tools for collaboration. One of the special characteristics of a wiki is that it's never finished, but rather always in a state of 'ongoing' creation progress. So don't get scared, if the contents changes everytime you visit.


  • it's all about learning
  • its's all about collaboration
  • it's all about improvisation
  • its's all about sharing
  • it makes the learning experience a more enjoyable one
  • It brings all the class resources to one place
  • it is an 'outside the classroom' platform that makes the further exploration of the themes possible
  • and we become more digital savvy be using it

"Elements of wiki:
everything is editable, every revision is preserved and revertible, everything is discussable via comments appended to page, documents can be personal statements or instruments of collaboration, when in doubt, click around "
(statement extracted from Howard Rheingold's social media classroom)

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