The meaning of "What I stand for"

In our first session I asked the students to please state in one sentence what they stand for. Students, one for one, stated in a word or two the ideas they stand for. This exercise is meant to kick start the process of critically reflecting on the world of ideas and to become more conscious about the ideas students are drawn to.
With the help of the tools provided in this course, what started as a simple process of just naming an idea, will bloom into a more elaborated analysis of the world of ideas: students will explore how meaning is given to ideas and what role this plays in the ongoing identity-shaping process.

Instructions for students on how to contribute to this wiki page:
  1. You have to be a member of this wiki in order to collaborate. Click on "Join this wiki" (left corner of the page) and I will approve your membership. After this, you can start collaborating.
  2. Please state in a short sentence what you stand for (E.g. "I stand for freedom of speech")
  3. Please elaborate in a short paragraph on the meaning of that what you stand for (1.) in your own words (in your own unique words, not what this is meant to others on the internet or in a dictionary, this is a personal exercise, there are no right or wrong answers). (E.g. Freedom of Speech means to me the freedom to say what I think without being persecuted)
  4. Please state the binary opposition of your statement. See Unit 2
    for the meaning of binary oppositions. (E.g. the opposite I stand for is having to hide my own unique opinions, because there is no room for my opinions and I will be judged for these opinions).
  5. Save this on this wiki page.
  6. Don't forget to write your name.

Students' statements:

Class Assignment: What do you stand for?
Being respected or accepted for what you believe and for what you think. Do not do to others, what you do not want others to do to you.
Forming healthy relationships with people around you. Communicate in the right way without harming or insulting other 's believe.
Binary, opposites
-Violated/ Disrespected:
Not being respected or accepted for what you think and believe. And doing whatever you want in cost of other people, they have to
suffer or be harmed because of your actions.
No healthy relationships with people around you. Not using communication to solve problems, but using for example violence without thinking.
By: Pai Hu

Assignment: What Do You Stand For?
I stand for equal rights. I believe that everyone should be treated with the same amount of respect.
Everyone should also be treated the 'same' without being discriminated against because of their race, sexuality, gender, religion, being different, appearance, education, social background, disabilities etc. Everyone should get the chance to achieve what they want to achieve without being limited or
restricted because of who they are.
The Binary opposite of equal rights is unequal rights/discrimination.
This is when you are being discriminated against because you are different. You are excluded or rejected in the eyes of those who think you are less than what they are. You become categorized in a group or class and be set apart/distinguished on the basis of prejudice.
By: Denise Campbell

Fernando de Graf
Sunday, August 29, 2010
GE-4 Critical Literacy Unit 1, 2

Assignment: What I stand for!
I stand for honesty and telling the truth!
Because, by been honest and telling the truth, there will be no miss communication with others and by doing so, you will achieve the trust that other persons seeks to have a good communication. Also you will accomplish, that you are a reliable social person in your community, to communicate with. So honesty and telling the truth, will lead to an efficient development and progress for everyone.
The opposite that I stand for is to be dishonest and to tell lies, while communicating to influence the outcome for once own benefits, by fabricating these stories!
Dishonesty and leis, brings along plenty off miss understanding, problems, pain and anger by others and especially when the truth is reveal! It will take time to reorganize and maybe never you will get the opportunity to repair/fix the damage and or harm that it has cause. So it will take time to rebuild the trust that is needed for an effective communication in your society as a social human been!
Remark: I know that it is sometime difficult to be honest of to tell the truth! I believe that no one likes to tell lies and have the intention to do so. But people intent to fabricate stories, because at that moment, they are afraid and do not want to hurt someone special (of any other person). So people use this reasons to protect the other person, maybe because people think that the other people are not ready for the truth! And maybe even believe that they cannot handle the truth! So we must look to find a way of learn, how to approach this dilemma.
One of my favorite movies on this topic is “A Few Good Men” - Starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland. A must See Movie! See these links below !

By: Fernando de Graf
Assignment: What I stand for!
I stand for "Freedom of Opinion"
For me this is being able to give my opinion without being harrassed or persecuted for it. I give my opinion in a respectfullway and I understand that not everyone has to agree with me, so at the end of the day we agree that we don't agree.
The Binary opposite: not being able to freely give my opinion; what I see is a form of "dictatorship", or some sort of "slavery".
By: Geraldine Nicholls

Assignment: What do you stand for?
I stand for World Peace.
What this means for me is, everybody living in harmony together with no war, starvation, abuse or discrimination.

The Binary opposite of what I stand for.
A world in war, where there is no understanding or respect to one another.

By: Naomi Chayadi