Unit 8. Devices that generate meaning, construct reality and shape identity, Part 1: Storytelling

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Additional resources:

Here you will find some food for thought and inspiration relevant to the theme of Unit 8 to tickle your imagination even more:
(these are just mere suggestions, this is not mandatory literature for the course):

  • An interesting article by Haruki Murakami (Japanese writer) that focuses on the power of narratives and how these relate to reality construction: "Reality A en Reality B"
  • An interesting article on how People process information best in story form from a psychologists' perspective
  • "Amsterdam as a character in an ongoing story". This video is copied from a Dutch documentary where Zef Hemel, the city planner of Amsterdam is successfully using storytelling as a way to quickly and effectively share knowledge.

Storytelling from Richard Lalleman on Vimeo.

  • Storytelling as the way to give presentations: