[27-8-2010] Reader and digital version of some parts of the assigned literature
Hi students, this a friendly reminder for you to check if the course reader is ready. You can check this in the front hall of the University at the reception desk. I have posted the reading list on this wiki. Here you can find a small part of the assigned literature in digital format. A part of the assigned literature for the next session (unit 3) is available here in a digital format. This concerns chapters 5 and 6 of the UNESCO's EFA 'Literacy for life'. I advise you to take a look at the digital version because the black and white copies (in the reader) of these two articles are not very readable. I'm very sorry for this; It is very difficult to copy the originals (in color) into a black and white version.

[27-8-2010] Assignment: "What I stand for"
Hi students, I've just created the page "What I stand for".Here we can elaborate on the assignment we started in the class. Remember you had to state in a word or two what you stand for during the first class and in the second class I asked you to elaborate on the meaning of this concept you stand for (in your own words) and to state the binary opposite of this particular concept? Please go to the page and follow the instructions. If you need help or assistance with the posting of your statement, please contact me at: Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

[4-10-2010] Assessment:
´╗┐Hi students, you will be assessed for this course by the following means:
  1. Written exam: On Monday October the 25th: from 16.00 (4pm) till 19.00 (7pm). (60% of total score).
  2. Essay:. (40% of total score). Deadline: Friday, October the 29th. Deliver a hard copy and a digital version.
  3. Bonus assignment. If the bonus assignment complies with the requirement criteria and is considered sufficient you get an additional 0.5 grade on your final grade.